The Master Trust Monitor is an independent rating of comparable products prepared by Ausuper Pty Ltd (ACN 090 598 342). It gives employers, members and advisers/distributors an understanding of the offerings relative to alternatives. These ratings have been based on a consistently applied assessment of the features, benefits and service provided by each master trust for each of the main participants. The assessment focuses on the satisfaction of the members’ needs, employers’ needs and advisers’ needs.


Use of these Ratings: The selection of a master trust for a particular employer or group of employees should be based on the actual employment agreements, the actual needs of the employer and members, and the membership profile. These ratings (or any other general rating) should not be used in place of a detailed analysis of the requirements of a product’s proposed participants.

Investment Performance: Any investment performance results (which may form a part of the ratings) that have been prepared in order to provide a comparison between the "in-house" investment options or other investment options offered by these master trusts is for general information only. It is important to recognise that past performance is not regarded as a good guide to future performance and that the costs and value of other services and the range of different investment options offered by a master trust must be considered in conjunction with potential investment performance when assessing a master trust.

The Ratings, together with any investment performance results and any related material is correct to the best of the compilers’ knowledge and belief at the time of being prepared. This information has been compiled as a general guide and it is recommended that specific professional advice be sought before any action is taken. The authors and publishers expressly disclaim any responsibility in respect of anything, or the consequences of anything done or not done by any person wholly or partially upon this information or any part of it.

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